Industrial production is the basic principal economic sector, which produces all objects around us and all traded goods in the economic.It involved many small, medium and large producers of goods and more suppliers to large industrial enterprises.

Industry formed companies of different societies divided into sectors that have and will always have their news and events: national and international exhibitions, sectoral meetings and inter-corporate events and holidays.

On this page you can post a free listing for event from your industrial sector or to announce a company event / general meeting of shareholders or birthday / of the company, in which you are working.We accept and announcements for cocktails and banquets! ;)

Publications interest have branch and professional organizations for theirs annual gatherings.

Fairs, exhibitions, conferences, forums, news of technological innovations and discoveries, news about new industries and products, news about upcoming changes to regulations directly related to industry requirements, news about а production, including environmental ones, new licensing arrangements, acquisitions of certificates, etc..

We invite all technical fairs and industrial exhibitions to announce the days in which are holdind and travel agencies that organize group tours to international industrial exhibitions!

There are any results in Events!

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